Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Two gross things...

Yes the stomach virus has moved on to it's next victim - Tres.

Poor little thing was up fussing at 2am this morning - which brings me to gross thing #1.

She puked all over our bed and all over me, including IN MY EYE!
Yes, I had my eyes open (obviously), and a piece of what I am guessing was curdled milk flew into MY EYE!
I had to tend to her with one eye closed while The Coach got me a towel. In a matter of a minute, after the puking - I had wiped my face, changed my shirt, & wipe my arms. The Coach had gotten my towel and pulled the blankets off the bed.
We turn around and she is asleep!!
Poor thing.
Gross thing #2
I knew that there would be more to come - there always is. So I couldn't sleep.
Instead I lay there listening to her sweet breathing and willed the sickness to go away.
Our youngest cat, Skittles, decides to pay me a visit on the bed. He is a night owl and is always up to great me during my middle of the night potty breaks.
He starts sniffing around on the bed and what does he do???
HE STARTS EATING THE PUKE CHUNKS that were on the fitted sheet!!
Of course. I should expect this from him, he eats his and his cat sibling's puke. Why not his human siblings???
Howie Mandell would be admitted to an insane asylum after that night!


Crazy Sister said...

Oh no! You poor thing, surrounded by sickness and grossness.

At least your mouth wasn't open... get well soon, Adelaine's family! Nobody else get sick - got it?!

Shanda said...

Ohh Yuck!! Your day has to get better from here right?!

Swift Jan said...

Oh that is a bit gross!! I hope you are all feeling better soon

Meaghan said...

i just saw that you follow my blog! yeah! thanks! sorry for all the barfing :-(